Sunday, May 1, 2011




College freshman Adam Buckley (Morgan) finds himself in the back of a van dealing with the fact that he has to rob a convenience store as the final step of his initiation into the Sigma Zeta Chi fraternity. Minutes Later, he finds himself dealing with the fact that a fellow-pledge, Kevin Fahey (Pucci), just got shot while doing it.
Frank (Foster), the senior fraternity brother in charge of the night's events, is able to get the injured pledge out of the store alive, but the fraternity's troubles are just beginning. Thinking they can get out of the situation without taking Kevin to a hospital and alerting the authorities, Frank decides the fraternity will handle things themselves. But when every move is met with disastrous consequences, Adam soon realizes that in order to save his friend's life he must find it within himself to go against Frank and his new brothers.


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