Sunday, May 1, 2011





Teenager David Rice gives his crush, Millie, a snow globe, knowing her dreams of traveling someday. A bully, Mark, throws the globe onto the ice near a river. While trying to retrieve it, David falls through the ice and is pulled away by the current. He suddenly finds himself in the local library with drenched clothes. He discovers he can "Jump", or teleport, disappearing from one place and instantly appearing in another. Unhappy with his life, he runs away and is believed dead by his alcoholic father.
Eight years later, an adult David has settled into a life of adventure, spending his days jumping around various continents, doing various sports, and living lavishly using money stolen from banks via his jumping abilities. After a day of jumping, he is ambushed in his home by Roland Cox. Cox tries to trap him with electrical cables, which prevent him from being able to jump. David escapes and returns home to Ann Arbor seeking Millie. He is attacked by Mark and purposely teleports him into a bank vault. He leaves him there and returns to Millie, inviting her to travel to Rome. Roland later discovers Mark in police custody and learns David's identity.
David arrives in Rome, attempting to keep his identity a secret from Millie. After talking, they share a kiss and have sex. David and Millie visit the Colosseum only to find it closed. David uses his abilities to unlock a door from the inside, telling a skeptical Millie the door was already unlocked. While opening another door, he discovers another Jumper, Griffin. He warns David that "Paladins" are coming - an extremist group who has been tracking down and killing Jumpers from "the beginning." Several Paladins show up and attack them. Griffin kills one and teleports, taking the body with him. David tries to leave with Millie, but is detained by Italian police and questioned about the death. While waiting for a magistrate to arrive, David's mother Mary, who had left David when he was five, appears and throws him the keys to his handcuffs. She tells him he has very little time to leave. David tries to follow her, but she says if he wants the girl to live he must leave now. David tells Millie the police let him go and they leave together. Millie, now very suspicious, demands the truth. David declines and puts her on a plane home.
David jumps to Griffin's lair, asking where to find Roland. Griffin explains that Paladins are religious fanatics who believe Jumpers are an affront to God and have been hunting them for centuries. He also says that Paladins will kill Jumpers by targeting their loved ones. He has been trying to kill Roland for years, as the Paladins killed his parents when he was a child and have tried to kill him several times. David teleports to his father, finds him bleeding and teleports him to a hospital. He returns to Griffin and convinces him to go with him to the airport to greet Millie. Upon arriving, they realize her flight landed an hour ago. Griffin returns to his lair to get weapons while David searches for Millie. He breaks into her apartment, angering Millie, who tells him to leave. David sees Roland arriving and shows her what he can do. He teleports her back to Griffin's lair. The Paladins follow using a machine that keeps the wormhole open and fight with David and Griffin. Roland is chased back through the portal, but snatches Millie back to her apartment with a cable.
Griffin decides to take a bomb to Millie's apartment and kill everyone. David refuses, wanting to save Millie. They fight through several locations, and David traps Griffin with power lines. Griffin warns that if he faces the Paladins alone he will be outnumbered. He goes anyway and is quickly trapped by Roland's electric cables. David cannot escape as he is tied to the apartment. David separates the apartment from the rest of the building and teleports it away. Then he grabs Roland, takes him to a cave in the Grand Canyon, and abandons him there, telling him that he could have been killed instead.
David visits his mother and is stunned when a girl, his half-sister, Sophie, answers the door. Mary tells David she has known he was a Jumper since he was five, when Jumpers make their first Jump. She is a Paladin, and had to either kill David or leave. She again allows him to leave, allowing him a "head start". He meets with Millie outside and they jump to an unknown location.


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