Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Nanny for Christmas

A Nanny for Christmas

In A Nanny for Christmas, Emmanuelle Vaugier stars as Ally, a down-on-her-luck ad exec looking for her next job ends up thinking she's found a great job from Samantha (Cynthia Gibb), when it turns out the actual job is nannying Samantha's well mannered, flax-eating, yoga practicing kids (Sierra McCormick & Jared Gilmore).

A strong theme here is little white lies and the trouble they can get you into, as Ally takes the nannying job she still keeps a toe in the ad world and as she does the little white lies start to spin faster and faster and into different areas of Ally's life where the ad world and nannying gig butt heads. We also the contrast of the tight-ship run kids with their strict schedule to the more relaxed and carefree style of Ally's nannying, which allows them to open up and see things with a little more hope and openness. The kids learn their rigidness of regime from the mom, Samantha who's very no-fuss, no-muss in family life and in her business life - a style that couldn't be more different from the hoping to get an in Ally.

The film has a very sweet spirit and whimsical nature to it, great for light holiday viewing. Emmanuelle Vaugier is very charismatic in the lead role (and I only knew her from a werewolf episodes of "Supernatural") and you are really cheering for her to get through the hard times and be recognized to the stellar ad exec she really is. I also really enjoyed Sarah Thompson, who plays her friend Tina and Cynthia Gibb is fabulous as the stone cold Samantha. Fair warning for Dean Cain fans, he's not in the film all that much, but he certainly shines and creates awe from those around him. It's sweet nature and timely story make it a safe bet for holiday viewing if you are looking to add something new to the roster. 


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