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Resident Evil-Afterlife

Resident Evil-Afterlife


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Resident Evil-Afterlife(2010)

One year after the events of Resident Evil: Extinction The Alice clones (Milla Jovovich) attempt to kill Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) at his base in Tokyo. Wesker escapes and destroys the base, killing all of the clones. Alice is aboard Wesker's aircraft, though he is able to strip her of her powers before the aircraft crashes. Wesker is killed in the crash.
Six months later, Alice travels to North America in an airplane following emergency broadcasts from a safe haven known as "Arcadia" in Alaska. Alice hopes to find her friends Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), K-Mart (Spencer Locke) and others, but has yet to find any sign of human life. Out of nowhere, Alice is attacked by Claire; after the scuffle, Alice destroys the device controlling Claire and finds out that Claire has lost all of her memory. The two travel to the ruins of Los Angeles, where they find a group of survivors living in a prison surrounded by zombies. Luther West (Boris Kodjoe), a former basketball star and celebrity, leads the small band: Wendell (Fulvio Cecere), aspiring actress Crystal Waters (Kacey Barnfield), film producer Bennett (Kim Coates) and his intern Kim Yong (Norman Yeung), Italian expatriate Angel Ortiz (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), and Chris (Wentworth Miller), a prisoner under lock-down in the facility.
With their help, Alice lands her plane on the roof of the prison and learns that Arcadia is not a fixed place but actually a cargo tanker traveling along the coast. Instead of attempting to fly her new friends to it one by one, Alice and the survivors decide to find an alternate means to make it to the Arcadia. Chris reveals that he is the brother of Claire, insists that he is not a prisoner—but actually a soldier fallen victim to a cruel joke—and claims that he knows an alternate route. Alice, seeing as they are out of options, sets Chris free.
While planning their escape, Majini zombies tunnel into the prison through the sewers; Wendell is the first of their victims. A giant axe-wielding monster, named the Executioner, begins the process of breaking down the gate outside. To overcome the problems, the group splits into three different teams: Alice, Chris and Crystal go deeper into the prison to retrieve additional guns from the arsenal. Luther and Claire attempt to reinforce the gate to keep the Executioner and other zombies at bay. Bennett, Yong and Angel ready an infantry fighting vehicle for escape.
Just upon reaching the armory, Crystal is killed and more zombies swarm Alice and Chris until they make it to the armory. Angel informs Bennett and Yong that the vehicle is defective and it would take a week to fix. Bennett shoots Angel, abandons Yong and escapes with Alice's airplane, and the Executioner breaks down the gate, allowing the zombies outside to enter the facility. Claire, Chris, Luther, Yong and Alice escape to the showers of the prison. There, they proceed to climb into the sewers for escape. Yong is suddenly cut down by the Executioner, whom Alice and Claire then defeat. The two meet back up with Chris at the end of the sewers -but they lose Luther to a zombie who drags him back into the sewers.
Alice and the Redfields commandeer a boat and board the Arcadia, finding it functional but abandoned, even though the manifest lists more than 2000 survivors on board. As they explore, Claire recalls what happened to her group when they arrived in Alaska: Umbrella ambushed them and attached the devices to them, with only Claire managing to escape. She concludes that the ship is a trap, meant to lure survivors in for further experimentation. The trio begin releasing survivors, among them K-Mart, while Alice discovers a blood trail and continues deeper into the ship. She finds Wesker, revived by the T-virus, which also gave him incredible powers, though he is constantly at war with the T-virus for control. In order to pacify it, Wesker regularly ate fresh human DNA, scaring the Umbrella employees into deserting the ship. He hopes to gain control of the virus by consuming Alice, the only individual to bond successfully with the T-virus on a cellular level.
Chris and Claire arrive and attack Wesker while Alice battles two dogs and Bennett, who has allied himself with Wesker. Wesker easily overpowers Chris and Claire, but Alice is able to defeat him with help from K-Mart. While leaving, they lock Bennett in the room, where Wesker regenerates and devours him. Wesker escapes by aircraft, activating the bomb on the Arcadia in an attempt to destroy the ship and kill the remaining survivors but, anticipating these actions, Alice had hidden the bomb aboard his plane, which explodes as everyone watches from the deck of the ship. Unknown to them, a figure parachutes away from the explosion unnoticed, while Luther emerges from the sewers, battered but alive. Alice resolves to turn the Arcadia into a real safe haven and broadcasts its message for any other survivors. As Claire, Chris, and Alice decide how to proceed, they see an approaching Umbrella assault helicopter squadron.
After the credits, it is revealed that Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), who went missing after Resident Evil: Apocalypse, is dictating the attack and is wearing the same mind control device used on Claire, setting up a sequel.


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