Sunday, May 1, 2011

Route Irish

Route Irish

Route Irish (2010)

The film opens on a ferry in Liverpool, as Fergus Molloy (Mark Womack) remembers the final messages sent to him by his lifelong friend Frankie (John Bishop), whose funeral he is to attend. The night before, Molloy unseals his friend's coffin as it lies wake to see his friend's badly injured corpse. At the funeral, Haynes (Jack Fortune) a director of the private military company Molloy and Frankie worked for, gives a eulogy praising Frankie and describing military contractors as the "unsung heroes of our time". Afterwards, Haynes and Walker (Geoff Bell) explain to Frankie's family the circumstances of his death, though Molloy remains embittered and closely questions the two men. Later at the wake, Molloy attacks Haynes when he sees him distributing his business card to enlisted soldiers there.
Marisol, (Najwa Nimri) bequeaths a package to Molloy, which Frankie had entrusted to a mutual friend with a note asking it be given to Molloy. With the help of Harim (Talib Rasool), an Iraqi musician, Molloy discovers a video on the phone which shows a member Frankie's team killing an innocent Iraqi family a few weeks before his death. Molloy becomes suspicious, and has friends still working for the firm in Iraq investigate the incident, but it has not been recorded.


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