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The Shrine

The Shrine

The Shrine(2010)

In order re-ignite her career as a journalist and mend her relationship, Carmen (Cindy Sampson) invites her photographer boyfriend Marcus (Aaron Ashmore) and her intern Sara (Meghan Heffern) to the fictional Polish village of Alvania (the letter v is not part of the modern Polish alphabet), to investigate the disappearances of several tourists there. The last person to go missing was Eric Taylor (Ben Lewis).
Upon reaching Alvania they find the village people to be secretive, unfriendly and unwelcoming, just as described in the last entry in Eric's journal. They also spot a strange dense area of fog which seems to be concentrated only in one portion of the forest, which is also mentioned in Eric's notes. They are threatened by the villagers and told to leave the village when they attempt to move towards the fog. Leaving the village initially, they return to the fog to investigate further at Carmen's insistence. Sara enters the fog first and disappears into it. Carmen enters the fog in order to find Sara, only to come across a devilish statue that seems to turn to face Carmen wherever she is. Upon exiting the fog, she finds Sara and Marcus. Sara and Carmen both talk about seeing the statue. Both are a bit disoriented and hear strange whispering voices.
A little girl from the village who claims to know the whereabouts of Eric takes them to a hidden sacrificial tomb, where they discover the bodies of people (including Eric) whom the village people have executed. Each body has a metal mask deeply embedded on its face making it look as though the villagers are practicing some kind of ritual black magic on the tourists who have disappeared in Alvania. Marcus, Sara and Carmen are suddenly surrounded by the villagers. After a struggle to escape they are finally followed and captured.
The head of the village's church then decides to sacrifice both Sara and Carmen as they had seen the statue. Sara is executed, but Marcus escapes and rescues Carmen. They enter a villager's house in order to get the keys to their truck. The house's owners warn Marcus about Carmen, saying that she is now dangerous and evil as she has seen the statue. Soon enough Carmen starts to experience voices and sights and suddenly is transformed and possessed by an evil spirit. She brutally kills the family and as she is about to kill Marcus, she is confronted by the villagers. She kills many of the other men including the village's religious leader, but she is ultimately executed by the village people in the same way they executed Sara, this time aided by Marcus who now understands why it was necessary to kill Sara and Carmen.
In the end Marcus is set free by the villagers. Upon asking, he is told that the fog and the statue are a curse to the village that cannot be undone.


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