Sunday, May 1, 2011



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A Man, referred to in the movie only as "Man"(Adrien Brody), wakes up in a wrecked car in the bottom of the ravine, covered in blood and with a broken leg. A dead body is behind him. He then hallucinates about a woman finding him. After a few days in this position, he manages to escape the car and fashion a crude splint out of sticks, car parts, a seatbelt, and a belt off of the dead body. In the car, he finds several bags of money and a loaded revolver. Hearing on the car radio about an armed robbery by a man named Raymond Plazzy and finding a credit card in his pocket with Raymond's name on it, he assumes that he is Raymond (he is suffering from temporary amnesia) and that he committed the robbery. He crawls attempting to find a way out of the woods and eventually finds a dog and a bag, containing beef jerky, some cigarettes, a bottle of painkillers, and a cell phone (unable to work due to the location and heavy foliage.) Frequently hallucinating about the woman, he finally shoots her with the revolver after realizing the hallucination lead him back to the car. He then decides to get out of the ravine. After crawling for days, he eventually crawls out of the ravine and finds a road and a dead body with a driver's licence that says Raymond Plazzy. He then pieces together what happened to him: He was running errands with his wife (the Woman) when he witnessed an armed robbery. The head robber (the real Raymond) took the man, held him hostage at gunpoint, and drove off in a getaway car. While driving, the man shoves Raymond, causing the car to crash into the ravine. With a better cell signal, he calls for help. The man is then picked up by a forest ranger, and asks that the dog come with him, to which the park ranger answers, "There's no dog," after which he puts on his seat belt which flashes back to when he was in the car with the robbers, he puts on his seat belt and grabs the wheel cause the original car crash. After showing him with a blank look on his face for a few seconds, the movie abruptly ends.


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